The 31st China (Guzhen) International Lighting Fair
Oct.22nd-26th, 2024
Fair+Sub-venues Mode
China Guzhen International Lighting Fair continues the innovative exhibition mode, linking main exhibition venue with 8 local major lighting mega-stores to combine a over 1.5 million sq.m exhibit space, providing visitors a wider range of lighting categories and optimize visitors’ procurement experience.
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Main venue:Guzhen Convention and Exhibition Center

We offer Free Wi-Fi, Free Shuttle Bus,  B2B Experience Area, Exhibitor Quick Search, etc. It consists of three exhibition halls and a three-story conference reception center. It is mainly composed by seven professional halls as below.

Hall A: Smart Home Lighting, Brand Lighting

Hall B: Dercorative Lighting,Residential Lighting, Commercial Lighting

Hall C: Outdoor Lighting, Cultural Tourism Lighting, Special Lamp

Hall D: Equipment, Accessories  

Hall E: Accessories,Supporting Services

Hall F: Smart Home,Door Lock&Sanitary Ware, Soft Furnishings

Hall G: Integrated Brand

Sub Venues:Lihe Lighting Expo Center
Number of shops: approximately 500Space: 200,000sqm

Unlike traditional professional lighting mega-stores, Lihe Lighting Expo Center relies on the urban complex extending 1.6 million sq.m, namely the comprehensive supporting facilities of Lihe Plaza in Guzhen town. On one hand, it not only provides a full range of services for domestic and foreign lighting exhibition trade but also accelerates the development of the lighting industry by complementary industrial integration. On the other hand, with the innovative development model of "themed management + experiential exhibition trade + scenario-style leisure shopping", it gathers the industrial energy of the Chinese lighting industry with outstanding influence, forms an international exhibition platform for the lighting industry, and leads the lighting industry reform in Guzhen town.

Sub Venues:Huayi Plaza
Number of shops: approximately 300 Space: 420,000sqm Address: South No.One, Zhongxing Avenue, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan, China

Brief introduction to the sub venue: Huayi Plaza, with an international lighting plaza as the main pavilion, owns seven theme lighting pavilions, including crystal pavilion, European and American pavilion, Chinese pavilion, modern pavilion, import pavilion, lighting customization pavilion and foreign trade pavilion, gathering more than 300 well-known domestic and foreign lighting brands. Huayi Plaza aims to create an international lighting trading platform with first-class environment and first-class services. Meanwhile, it integrates the shopping malls, 5A office buildings, convention and exhibition centers, five-star hotels and so on to provide one-stop lighting procurement services for customers from China and the world.

Sub Venues:Star Alliance Global Brand Lighting Center
Number of shops:approximately 400 Space: 360,000sqm Address: South No.One, Zhongxing Avenue, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan, China

The Star Alliance Global Brand Lighting Center is located at the center of the town, adjacent to the Twin Towers, with a total construction area of nearly 360,000 sq.m. It is an international professional lighting store integrating procurement, experience and lighting culture. Star Alliance brings together well-known domestic and foreign lighting brands and sells lighting products of all categories such as decorative lanterns, residential lighting, commercial lighting, engineering lighting, smart home, light sources and switches. From architectural design through landscape design to surrounding design, Star Alliance always upholds the visionary positioning of "World Model and International Standards": fully combines the characteristics of the lighting industry to present a technological, avant-garde, fashionable and humanized visual and shopping experience. With simple and stylish architectural aesthetics and beautiful lighting art, in June 2016, Star Alliance was officially rated as the first national AAA tourist attraction in Guzhen town.

Sub Venues:Lighting Era Center
Number of shops: 158Space: 79,000sqm Address: No.Twelve, Dong Xing Zhong Road

A comprehensive commercial building which combines business, leisure, entertainment, food and accommodation functions Construction area is 79,000 sq.m,25-story in total, of which the first to 9th floor are the large shopping malls for lighting products, and the 10th-25th floor is the business hotel. As the ultra-large professional lighting square, it possesses creative planning ,design and high-end supporting facilities.

Sub Venues:Guzhen Chang'an Lighting Parts & Electronic City
Number of shops:approximately 250  Space: 20,000sqm Address: Intersection of Xinxing Avenue and Chang'an Road

Located at the intersection of Xinxing Avenue and Chang'an Road, Guzhen Chang'an Lighting Parts & Electronic City gathers high-quality lighting accessories brands, integrating design, sales and display of electronic components. The mall is equipped with a professional management team and a property service team, which is committed to providing high-quality services for merchants and providing customers with one-stop service of lighting accessories procurement.

Sub Venues:Caosan International Lighting Parts City
Number of shops:approximately 285  Space: 110,000sqm Address: No.18, Tongxing Road, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan, China

Caosan International Lighting Parts City mainly sells lighting accessories in areas B, C, F, and G, with a dining street on the periphery and complete supporting facilities. Most of the stores focus on lighting (accessories) industry, covering various products such as LED light sources, drivers, aluminum substrates, outdoor accessories, crystals, commercial lighting, etc.

Sub Venues:Guyi Ruifeng International Lighting Fittings City
Number of shops:approximately 800  Space: 50,000sqm Address: The intersection of Caoxing Middle Road and Zhongxing Avenue, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan, China

Guyi Ruifeng International Lighting Fittings City was completed and put into use in 2010. It is mainly engaged in LED light sources, chips, parts, drivers, commercial lighting, solar outdoor lights and other products, receiving tens of thousands of global buyers every year, with annual sales of more than 5 billion yuan. Committed to building a national and even global famous LED industry chain exhibition and sales center.

Sub Venues:Guyi Qingfeng LED Lighting Trading City
Number of shops:approximately 600  Space: 98,000sqm Address: No.45, Shunkang Avenue, Guzhen Town, Zhongshan, China

Guyi Qingfeng LED Lighting Trading City is in the center of Guzhen town, close to the main road Xinxing Avenue. The first floor is for the professional LED home lighting market, and the second, third and fourth floors are commercial facilities. Qingfeng City was completed and put into use in 2014, focusing on LED home lighting, LED intelligent support, light source kit and so on. Committed to becoming a first-class LED home lighting and supporting parts procurement base.

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