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Product Name:Zhongsai LED lamp with bare board 24V dimmable lamp Cove lighting Chris ARC
Brand: Pujiang Sale Craft Co.,Ltd.
Category: LED Strip Light
Product Detail:

Type LED lighting lamp with brand game model ARC-F12-24V-NP ARC-F36-24V-NP
The input voltage is 24 (V) LED chip brand Seoul semiconductor LED lamp model 5630
A number of 12pcs/36pcs (a LED lamp / M) beam angle 120 (degrees) circuit board material FPC
Can dimming be effective life 50000 (H) size 3301000 (mm)?
Weight 30 (g) protection level, IP20 certification, UL, 3C, CE
Scope of application for home, hotels, villas, clubs and other dark trough indirect lighting and the use of color temperature 4W, 12W, accessories: ARC wire combinations, accessories: ARC soft connection (K), power 4W 330mm, 12W 1000mm
Maximum interconnection number 18/6/3

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