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Product Name:Leise Outdoor 40W green waterproof laser projection demonstration machine
Brand: Shenzhen LS LASER Technology Co.,Ltd
Category: Projector Light
Product Detail:

Light source parameter
Green light source /Green diodes
Total brightness (total brightness of laser window)
Spot size (laser, window, spot)
Light source divergence angle (Full, Angle)
< 1.5mrad
Modulation mode
0~5V, analog, up, to, 50khz/TTL
Laser grade
Class IV
One machine dual-purpose
One machine dual-purpose
Projection imaging system + beam display system
Projection imaging system
Imaging color
Imaging brightness
20000 lumens
Resolving power
Aspect ratio
The aspect ratio can be adjusted arbitrarily according to the characteristics of the picture and the vector
> 98%
Color temperature
Lens horizontal shift
-30% to +30%
Vertical movement of lens
-60% to +60%
Support input signal resolution bandwidth
Maximum 165 MHz
Imaging mode
Line type 3D/2D pattern and animation (matching software)
Projection distance
< 200M optimum distance 30~100M
Imaging area
Single equipment up to 1000 Ping
Picture fusion
Can achieve dozens of screen splicing integration, play area of up to tens of thousands of square meters
Laser display technology
Galvanometer scanning
Playback speed
AXJ40, PRO, 40K:40K~50Kpps, ILDA, at, 8 degrees 30Kpps, ILDA, at, 60 degrees
Play angle
Max60 degrees
Beam performance system
Beam color
Beam program
The number, shape, and mode of change of the beam can be edited arbitrarily
Beam thickness
> 5mm
Departure angle
Plus or minus 45 degrees
Heavy load rotating Yuntai (according to requirements can be increased, quote, default does not contain)
Rotation angle
Level 360
IP class
control mode
DMX, walk by yourself
Safety protection system
safety standards
Follow the IEC60825 standard
Safety project
Lightning protection, over flow and voltage protection, leakage protection, moisture prevention
Optical path seal
It has three layers of structure, and the optical circuit layer is completely sealed
Dust proof and waterproof grade (IP grade)
working temperature
-15 DEG C, ~45 DEG C
Operating humidity
< 95%
Interface and control system
control interface
ILDA, in*1, ILDA, out*1, DMX, in*1, DMX, out*1
Key switch, 3 pins XLR
Power interface
Neutrik PowerCon platinum
Cooling system
Cooling method
Air cooling
Structure mode
Three layer structure, intermediate whole layer 60mm insert type heat radiation layer
Laser temperature control
TEC dual temperature control
Ventilating fan
80mm ADDA fan out*7
Power dissipation
Work power
85~250V AC 50/60 HZ
Power dissipation
Max 1000VA
Physical parameter
Product size (length X, width, X height)
Product weight
Product packaging
Air box
Size (including air box)
Weight (including air box)
Product structure dimension drawing
Certification Project
Certification Project
9001 certification, Inspection Report
Warranty period
Warranty period
12 months
Accessories (optional and necessary)
Power cord
1 *50CM
Air box
The 1
a sheet
Control Software Foundation
1 sets of 2D files that can only edit text or text animations and play existing material
Control software Pro
1 sets (optional, not only with the base version, but also by converting and playing custom FLASH animations)
Unmanned intelligent control system
1 sets (optional, such as outdoor computer, can be replaced by unmanned intelligent control system)

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