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Product Name:LED soft light with silicone extrusion line
Brand: Shenzhen Zhong Chuang Xin Technology Co., Ltd.
Category: LED Manufacturing Equipment
Product Detail:

LED soft light with silica gel extruder is a new product of zhongchuanxin company. The size of single extrusion for thousands of meters is more standard, the efficiency is high, and the product survival rate is high. It is deeply loved by the public users.
LED silicone co-extrusion lamp belt is a silicone all-wrapped lamp belt, which is extruded by the extruder at the same time with silica gel and lamp belt. Compared with epoxy adhesive sealing lamp belt, PU adhesive sealing lamp belt and liquid silicone sealing lamp belt, this series of lamp belts have the following remarkable characteristics:

1. The color temperature drift is smaller, which can ensure that the sealing is not different from the original color temperature and the color temperature consistency is good.
2. This product is designed for hollow out of the inner arc of the outer side. The rubber and lamp bead are removed, which can effectively solve the color difference problem.
3. As the lamp band is output at one pressure, the plug is integrated with the extruded lamp band through mold pressing. It is water-resistant, and will not be eroded by water.
4. This product is extruded together with silica gel and lamp belt. It can extrude thousands of meters at one time through mold forming, which is more standard in size and high in efficiency.
5. This product is heating and solidification type, so the deep curing time is short and the shipment speed is fast.
6. It has excellent light transmittance and refractive index, and can reduce light loss of light source to the greatest extent.
7, has excellent weather resistance, can guarantee the article lamp in relatively wide temperature range (- 40 ~ 220 ℃) and normal use of special environment such as underwater so as to make the article lamp using regional almost unlimited.
8. Acid and alkali resistant salt is better. Under the condition of weak acid, weak base and weak salt, the lamp belt has no change in appearance and is normally used.
9. With super uv resistance, the lamp belt can be used outdoors for a long time.
10. Excellent strength of silica gel makes the lamp belt has high anti-breaking ability in special environment.
11. The sealing collagen material has a higher environmental protection grade. The colloid of this product is food-grade silica gel.
12. It can be widely used in neon lamp, LED sleeve, high and low pressure lamp belt and soft light bar, making your product more beautiful in quality and appearance.

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