What Is the Minimum Size of the Chndelier Ceiling Plate?

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There are a lot of people who may not know the approximate size of the ceiling lamp ceiling. The main thing is that some people themselves are not particularly clear about the installation of some ceiling disks, so they may not know how to control the size. First of all, for such a product, if you want to punch holes, it is usually about six millimeters, because this is a relatively fixed size. Chandeliers can not only play a role in lighting, but also play a very good decorative role, so in many places, you can see such a product, or such a kind of lighting, but there are many people I still don't know how to install it, especially after I have purchased it, it may cause fog.


What Is the Minimum Size of the Chndelier Ceiling Plate?

Before you can work on anything, you must be well prepared. The same is true for installing chandeliers, so you should not only understand the minimum size of the chandelier, but also prepare a variety of tools and accessories for the luminaire. Complete, then determine the location of some installations, and then perform specific punching. Be sure to read the instructions carefully during installation, as any lack of a step may result in the chandelier not being particularly stable.

After understanding the minimum size of the chandelier ceiling plate, what you need to know is the one-button installation method. Generally, when the chandelier is installed, it may be divided into two situations, usually some wood installed on the chandelier wall. The ceiling or gypsum board is not particularly hard, and some coagulation cements are relatively hard. If different materials are used, then the specific installation method may be different.



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