Useful Tips for Fast Cleaning of Crystal Lamp

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After a period of use, the lighting effect and the illumination of the crystal lamp will be affected if it hasn’t been cleaned for a long time, so the lamp needs to be cleaned regularly with special cleaning agent. Next, it will introduce the tips for fast cleaning of crystal lamp. First, you need to pave some waterproof mat on the floor and some container to collect the water. Meanwhile, a ladder, the necessary equipment and tools and the cleaning agent need to be put in place.


Useful Tips for Fast Cleaning of Crystal Lamp


Many people are eager to know some tips for fast cleaning of crystal lamp. In the event of maintenance for such lamp, you may need some neutral cleaning agent to clean the crystal and glass parts. Since the cleaning agent has certain chemical properties, it shall be considered whether the agent will cause chemical reaction of the metal parts, such as damaging the plating layer or the painted surface, so as to avoid those problems.


As crystal and glass share the same properties, glass water, which has a strong cleaning effect for glass, can also be a good choice for crystal cleaning. In addition, alcohol is absolutely another effective agent for fast cleaning of crystal lamp, as alcohol is more hygienic and easier to volatilize, so as to make the cleaning more convenient and reach a satisfactory result.


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