Todd Bracher + 3M Feature Virtual LED Technology With 'lightfalls' Architectural Lighting

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Working together with 3M architectural markets, new york designer todd bracher has conceived ‘lightfalls’, an experimental iteration of the american company’s modular architectural lighting system utilizing the ‘virtual LED’ that is enabled by 3M technology. the ‘virtual LED’ is a nice attempt at reducing energy costs. in the ‘lightfalls’ installation pictured below, only 12 LED bulbs have been utilized in order to illuminate the wall’s expansive surface.  the remaining light is generated simply through the bulbs’ luminosity casting back from the reflectors which are in place. the overall network demonstrates the simple and ecological possibilities of this new lighting design opportunity. 


 Todd Bracher + 3M Feature Virtual LED Technology With 'lightfalls' Architectural Lighting


Capitalizing on the laws of physics, distributing light from a single LED source over a large space, the key to facilitating the framework is through using 98% reflective proprietary 3M film which efficiently steers and distributes the brightness of a single LED from one module to another. the resulting effect is an image which gives the illusion of an arrangement of multiple bulbs, when in reality only one is used. the strategic placement of the LED amongst the ordered positioning of the ‘virtual LED’ – whether in a circular or linear formation – and reflectors, allows a flood of light to fill the space in which the system is installed.


‘lightfalls is the result of physics meeting design. I share a fascination with 3M’s applied sciences and find the opportunity to exercise concepts that are only achievable in collaboration with 3M as the cornerstone of our relationship. I believe that design should be driven by reason and function, so when I saw 3M’s true technical clout, engineering skills and materials expertise, it was the perfect opportunity. it is also exciting to be working with such an iconic american technology manufacturer, and I believe collaborations like this are a must within our industry if we are to continue to evolve both commercially and ideologically.’ – todd bracher





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