Terence Woodgate Crafts Elegant + energy Efficient Solid Lighting Collection

Tag : LED,Pendant Lamp

With 25 years of experience, terence woodgate has made a name for himself by creating products for manufacturers, consumers, and companies around the world. focusing his research on the capabilities of lighting systems, he sees the potential for LEDs to replace incandescent bulbs in the market, as they use 90% less energy. with these benefits in mind, woodgate has shaped the ‘solid collection.’


Terence Woodgate Crafts Elegant + energy Efficient Solid Lighting Collection


The series features pendants and surface mounted downlights in natural materials such as carrara and nero marquina marble, oak, and walnut. these ingredients have been crafted in ways that maximize functionality. the interior cavity provides cooling air flow in a smooth and vertical motion, ensuring a longevity. a direct and even beam is dispersed through the filleted inner edge of the diffuser, with a low glare and high lumen output.


This is the first venture of the award-winning industrial designer’s eponymous brand, terence woodgate lighting limited, which has launched an equity campaign to support its expansion on crowdcube here. woodgate comments, ‘I launched my lighting company because I believed in the huge potential of LED technology, particularly with the increasing digitalization of our homes, and I saw an opportunity to marry design and technology. the success we’ve enjoyed to date has backed up this belief and we’re now seeking to use equity crowdfunding to raise investment to fuel our growth. equity crowdfunding offers an exciting and democratic way for anyone to invest and we’re very excited by this chance to share our plans with a new audience.’




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