Ice Angel Installation by Cinimod Studio

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‘ice angel’ (2012) limited edition custom LEDs and electronics, 3D camera, software, aluminum, steel, acrylic 2750 x 2750 x 100 mm

created by british interaction artist dominic harris of cinimod studio, the ‘ice angel‘ installation lets visitors see themselves as angels, manifested via a panel of light that responds to user motion by demarcating out wings, much in the same style as children make snow angels of themselves in the wintertime. programmer andrea cuius provided additional code for the project.


 Ice Angel Installation by Cinimod Studio


The piece itself comprises a wall-mounted steel frame of 6,5000 individually controlled white LEDs, measuring 2.7 meters (8.8-feet) square and 10 centimeters (4 inches) thick in all. a mirrored plinth in front of the screen hides weight sensors, which work with an overhead mounted camera to help generate the biometric tracking of the user.


After a first experience with ‘ice angels’, all users are registered into the system, so that each time they return they are forever depicted with the same set of wings. that first time, however, a visitor must raise and lower his arms for the system to determine his wings.


The software is coded in C++ using the cinder framework. a tracking module for the overhead depth-sensing camera feeds data into a wing generation and wing design module to generate the visualization. motion blur and fluid dynamics, alongside inverse kinematic design of the wing patterns, create the seamless, natural effect of moving wings.


Video footage of the installation

‘the merging of angel mythology and the natural phenomenon of light traveling to earth creates an intriguing intersection. in modern terms, light is our messenger, allowing us to view the universe. an angel’s form is inherently human, yet an angel always originates from beyond.‘ – dominic harris / cinimod studio




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