Features of LED Explosion-proof Floodlight

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The LED explosion-proof floodlight is used in special environment such as warehouses, petrochemical industry and other industries, especially in some dangerous occasions or industries with high explosive possibility. The explosion-proof lights of different models are used in different ranges. Below is the detailed introduction to the features of LED explosion-proof floodlight.


Features of LED Explosion-proof Floodlight


Significantly different from other ordinary light sources, the light source of the explosion-proof light has unique design concept, which is more precise. The installed light can emit the required light from different angles, so as to minimize glare or light pollution to the greatest extent during use. It can not only illuminate the working environment, but also ensure the softness of the light, without causing any harm or too much fatigue to eyes.


As a green, energy-saving and efficient product, the LED explosion-proof floodlight can reduce power consumption as much as possible and illuminate the space during use, which improves the efficiency. For outer casing, it’s better to choose the light aluminum alloy material with superior corrosion and oxidation resistance performance. Furthermore, the surface with electroplating and powder coating can invisibly increase the service life of the light.


The products manufactured by formal manufacturers have good explosion-proof performance and meet the requirements of different occasions for lighting. Only the suitable light can maximize its energy efficiency to illuminate the space, save the power consumption, and play a role of safety protection, thus receiving the recognition and praise of extensive users.



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