Features of 9-meter Solar Street Light

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The street lights on the road sides often seen by people are the 9-meter solar street lights. They have their own independent automatic control work system which is simpler and more convenient to use. After installing the street lights and setting their working mode, they will automatically control themselves when to be turned on and off, which saves time and efforts of the relevant responsible department. The following will detail the main features of the 9-meter solar street light.


Features of 9-meter Solar Street Light



The 9-meter solar street light adopts the energy-efficient solar battery silicon slice and the tempered glass, which is safer and more convenient to use. The service life of a light can be as high as 15 years or more. The solar cell silicon slice can ensure a large energy storage capacity of the battery, so that the light can still work in cloudy and rainy weather. Even if it rains for half a month, the power stored in the solar street light will still support its working.


As normally installed on the road sides in the open air, the street lights are severely damaged by the harsh outdoor environment. When selecting the 9-meter solar street lights, high-quality materials, especially with high temperature resistance and corrosion resistance, shall be preferred, so as to ensure the lights exposed to the weather will not be seriously affected by the external environment and will work normally.


There are many brands of solar street light. When making the choice, be sure to choose some well-known popular brands, which can assure the quality of the 9-meter solar street light they produce and avoid abnormal working due to various factors during use.



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