Bjarke Ingels' BIG and Artemide Gople Lamp Nourishes the Growth of Houseplants

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Following their previous partnership at the milan design week 2016, the artemide and bjarke ingels of BIG collaboration springs a new lighting design at the london design festival 2018. named ‘gople’, the transparent pill-shaped lamp nourishes nature, enhancing plant life and human perception.


Bjarke Ingels' BIG and Artemide Gople Lamp Nourishes the Growth of Houseplants


‘our collaboration with BIG has been special from the beginning: an immediate and spontaneous friendship with bjarke ingels and jakob lange who was following the lighting projects,‘ explains carlotta de bevilacqua, vice president and head of product innovation at artemide. ‘we have designed with them ‘alphabet of light’, a continuous light line that follows the space with linear and curved modules, without any shadows. we have created a new luminous letter font totally designed by them, the beginning of a new world, an open system that can grow, that you can play with in a very successful way. then we made gople lamp, which is able to nourish nature, to grow plants with a special and very precise light quality. it can create an optimal environment for humans, taking care of its emotional, physiological and perceptive experience.‘


The artemide ‘gople’ lamp by BIG intertwines modern technologies with artisanal traditions. its venetian-blown glass form is available in white crystal, transparent silver, and transparent bronze finishes. the smooth shape houses RWB lighting technology that helps houseplants thrive indoors by diffusing red, white and blue tones.


‘the concept of the lamp was born from the ‘area2071’ project in dubai, designed by BIG, where they wanted a lamp that would illuminate and nourish at the same time green public spaces. starting from this project, we decided together to decline the lamp also into a simpler version with the E27 socket, flexible in adapting to the evolution of standard source technologies,‘ concludes carlotta.



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