Available Tunnel Emergency Light Brands

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It’s believed that everyone has driven through a tunnel before. Generally speaking, the tunnel environment is dark, in which various kinds of lamps are installed in order to ensure that the vehicles can pass through smoothly. The tunnel emergency light is a must for emergency environment or occasions. The below content will teach you how to select brands for such emergency light.


 Available Tunnel Emergency Light Brands


Light World

Established in 2003, Light World is a company integrating design, production, R&D and sales and has a history of 15 years. This company has been continuously improving the light styles and increasing functions to meet the lighting needs in tunnel. 



Founded in 1996, MINHUA ranks the 5th among the top 10 brands. They make lights with superior materials, so the quality is more secure to ensure no quality problems during use.



Yuanheng is mainly engaged in fire emergency lights and has strict requirements in the light production process, so as to ensure that each link has relevant quality testing standards, and each light meets the national standards and plays its best performance.


The above is the introduction to the different tunnel emergency light brands. Customers can choose high-quality and full-featured emergency lights to ensure the normal use in the tunnel. Fake and shoddy lights, which may cause many dangerous accidents during use, shall not be considered, although they are cheap.





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