Attentions for Selection of Square LED Panel Light

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The square LED panel light is widely used in places such as factory offices and conference rooms. Lights are supposed to illuminate the space to the greatest extent, so their practical performance must be paid attention to when purchasing. In many cases, the lights will constantly flash and have malfunction during use, and it is very troublesome to replace them. Next let's take a look at what attentions shall be paid to when choosing the square LED panel light.


Attentions for Selection of Square LED Panel Light


The flashing phenomena of the panel light during use is caused by the drastic temperature increase and reduction beyond the self-protection state of the light due to the high chip temperature of the power source after long-term use, and after a period of time, the light will be damaged. It’s better to choose the panel light with protective device that does not cause excessive temperature of the chip due to long-term use. The lamp must have excellent heat dissipation, so that the chip can be cooled down in time to avoid flashing problem caused by high temperature.


With better dissipation function, the square LED panel lights of famous brands can ensure the normal use. Another point worth noting is the energy-saving performance of the light. Those energy-saving lights can save more energy costs for the enterprises and infinitely prolong the service life. In case of any burst or damage during use, the suppliers of brand lights will provide perfect after-sales services and solve all the faults immediately.



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