Attentions for Purchasing Jade Chandelier

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Chandelier actually plays a great decorative role in the home life. It can be used in the living room or bedroom. Choosing chandelier is very important, as there are many different styles available, including the jade chandelier. Many people may not know how to choose jade chandelier. There are two things, space size and floor height of the house, shall be noticed.


 Attentions for Purchasing Jade Chandelier


When purchasing a jade chandelier, the style chosen shall be the same with the decoration style of your room, otherwise, it is very likely that the whole style will look very inharmonious or hideous. It is better to choose the chandelier that can be installed with lights or comes with lights, and not to choose the chandelier with electroplated layer or with electroplated decorations, because it may be oxidized and fall down in daily life and affect the aesthetics of the entire product. Attention shall also be paid to the electrical components, as many chandeliers adopt iron components.


The daily maintenance of the chandelier is also very important. Appropriate maintenance shall be conducted in case of any dampness, otherwise, the chandelier will tend to have rust and paint-shedding. Also, the dust on the light will reduce the brightness, which shall be considered in the actual use. Do not wipe the light immediately after turning it on, or the light is very likely to burst.


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