Aquini Creates Zoom Wireframe Lamp Based on Virtual Reality Graphics

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During our youth, we’re exposed to different ways of seeing the world; this can be experienced through art, books, television, and video games. although technology is constantly progressing and ideas change with society, some of the concepts used to develop these mediums can still be applied to present-day products. for davide G. aquini, his younger years were spent in the 1980s, a time when the visual language of virtual reality was just getting started. taking note of this childhood interest, the italy-based designer has constructed a lamp called ‘zoom’.


Aquini Creates Zoom Wireframe Lamp Based on Virtual Reality Graphics


The three-dimensional shapes of the structure are simulated by the minimal wireframe. this transferred aesthetic reduces the object to a series of mere contour lines, almost losing all its matter and weight. as a result, aquini believes ‘the fixture is not a real object, but a scheme-like graphic representation, undergoing some sort of digitalization process that is the opposite of the design method where you pass from the 3D model to the actual physical object.’ even the light source was selected for it’s properties that match the concept of the project. LEDs are shaped in the traditional form of the classic incandescent bulb, which is, in turn, another vintage piece from recent history.


The lamp will suit any vertical or horizontal position,they appear as perspective contours,a tribute to the vintage virtual reality of the 80s.




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