Zhongshan henglan town Raindrop Lighting Appliance Factory
Company Name:Zhongshan henglan town Raindrop Lighting Appliance Factory
Industry: Commercial Lighting,Outdoor Lighting
Business Nature: Manufacturer
Company Profile:

Raindrop Lighting Electrical Factory was established in 2008. The company has rich experience in the field of LED lighting, focusing on the research and development, production and sales of LED lighting products. Since its inception, we are committed to providing customers with high-quality LED energy-saving lamps and good pre-sales and after-sales service to meet the high-quality living needs of modern commercial lighting and home lighting. We are proud to create new light source products that meet the needs of low carbon and ecology, and take serving the society and improving people's quality of life as our responsibility to create a better future.

The company from the first generation of 5050 bead light source LED bulb development and production to the tenth generation of 2835 bead light source, and finally finalized for four main products, exported to the whole country and at home and abroad. It has also established a complete global sales channel, created two famous brands, Rain Point Light Source and Huhua Optoelectronics, which have initial influence in the industry. It is completely passed down by word-of-mouth customers and has been operated up to now.

The company's business philosophy: "to do good light source with heart". Thanks to the strong support of our colleagues and customers, we will firmly do a good job in returning light to customers. Welcome friends from all walks of life to guide and business negotiation.

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