Zhongshan Mailun Lighting
Company Name:Zhongshan Mailun Lighting
Industry: Outdoor Lighting
Business Type: Manufacturer
Company Profile:

The company has the best scientific automatic production line eight, ultrasonic wave, wave soldering machine, reflow soldering machine, LED light tester, automatic logic analyzer, high and low temperature test box, automatic imitation outdoor waterproof and dustproof prevent many sets of test bench, fully guarantee the products qualification rate reached 100%; in technology research and development and reserves. In addition the company has two major hardware and software research center as the backing, the minister in the production of 5 senior engineers, 21 technicians, which ensures the integrity of the project technical guidance and timely supporting operation; on the yield, LED tube 3000 meters / day, LED point source 2000PCS/; LED high power series of more than 800 sets, in sales, the company currently has offices and authorized dealers in the main city, truly customer service customer service service in the distance, For the national customer twenty-four hours to provide supervision, complaints telephone service. "Decorative lighting LED lamp national standard drafting single", "Chinese famous products. Is a research and development, production, sales and service in one of the high-tech enterprises. Specializing in indoor and outdoor lighting LED lighting products, the company adopts the world first-class automated production equipment, gathering high-quality and excellent management personnel, strict implementation of ISO9001:2000 quality management system, to ensure that every product, effective control of each process. Since the establishment of the company has been adhering to the "collection of many talents, to win the world" to the quality of the purpose, always adhere to the "sincerity", "quality first" as the principle, and to undertake the production of various special-shaped LED lamps and lighting engineering.

At present, the company has a large standardized new plant, in the high-quality management team, more than 65% of College culture. In quality management, the inception of the company passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, CE, ROSH certification authority is my card "," Chinese BrandName "," quality and reputation ", the demonstration unit" product quality trustworthy enterprise "and other honorary titles but not Shi Master years hard crystallization, recognition and praise is the authority of the state and the consumers of Shida company. Most of the countries in the company's products have been sold to more than and 30 countries and regions and more than and 30 provinces and cities nationwide a project and local image project, using LED lamps and lighting design scheme of our production. The LED LED series of our products mainly include: LED tube, LED digital tube, LED point source, LED wall lamp, LED lamp, LED underground lamp, underwater lamp, LED lamp, LED lamp, LED lamp, aluminum Cross stars LED fluorescent tube, LED tube, LED lamp, meteor tiles LED ceiling lamp, LED wall lamp, LED pixel lamp, LED rainbow tube, LED lamp, LED lamp, LED soft light, LED display, LED lighting and other more than and 20 series of nearly 1000 varieties. Can also be customized according to customer design. Unique products, energy saving and environmental protection, long life. Zhongshan Guzhen Mailun Lighting Co.,Ltd is located in No.4 Floor,the 5 Buiding,Baijia Industry Garden,Guzhen Town,Zhongshan City,Guangdong Province. The company’s main products are Guardrail Tube.