Zhongshan Kailuodi Lighting Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd.
Company Name:Zhongshan Kailuodi Lighting Electrical Appliance Co.,Ltd.
Industry: Decorative Lighting,Household Lighting,Commercial Lighting,Electrical & Electronic Product
Business Type: Manufacturer/Agents
Company Profile:

Zhongshan kalodirr Lighting Electric Co. Ltd covers an area of more than 20 thousand square meters, construction area of more than 15 thousand square meters, with about 50000000 yuan in fixed assets, the annual output value of 110 million yuan, and the balance of production and sale. Company products include strong productivity, wall switch, socket, low-voltage electrical appliances, LED lighting, circuit breaker, fan, etc., Yuba is the development, design, manufacturing, sales for the integration of professional manufacturers. Company employees more than 380 people, including professional and technical personnel accounted for 30%, but also a number of well-known domestic and foreign experts, research and development capabilities in the same industry leading position. Science and technology is the first productive force". Companies attach importance to technology, attention to talent, innovation and breakthrough, enterprises continue to improve the level of scientific research, and enhance the strength of scientific research. The company passed the ISO9001:2000 quality management system certification, CCC national compulsory certification, the European Union CE certification. Chinese kalodirr industry with independent intellectual property rights of nearly 20 products, technology strong innovation ability, and make positive contribution to promote the continuous development of the electrical industry.

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