Zhongshan Honpus Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd.
Company Name:Zhongshan Honpus Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd.
Industry: Lighting Products,LED Lighting & Technology,Decorative Lighting,Household Lighting
Business Type: Manufacturer/Agents
Company Profile:

Zhongshan Honpus Optoelectronics Technology Co.,Ltd. Is a focus lighting intelligent control, form a complete set of led strips module is acted the role of core technology companies.
Macro pu photoelectric have a first-class technical research and development, production team, the power of the advanced production equipment and process.Power supply technology, product quality is far ahead of peers, the average life expectancy of up to 15000 hours, five years warranty.
Macro pu photoelectric power technology training center, so far, the success for the lighting industry has trained 285 power engineers, 765 assistant power engineer.For the lighting industry technology level of ascension to make important contributions.
Macro pu photoelectric user-centered, with great concentration r&d lighting intelligent technology, to provide services for many high-end lighting brand, form a complete set of intelligent power supply, led module.Help more than 100 lighting companies achieve success lighting intelligent, for almost 100000 users bring convenient, comfortable, beautiful light, create a beautiful warm home.By lighting enterprise and the user's consistent high praise!
Lamp is acted the role of enterprise reputation, customer recognition, is the macro pu photoelectric motivation.Macro pu photoelectric will spare no efforts, innovation, will be more intelligent, more beautiful lighting to every family!