Zhongshan Baoteyuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Company Name:Zhongshan Baoteyuan Electronic Technology Co., Ltd
Industry: Lighting Accessory & Raw Material,Accessory,LED Drive
Business Type: Manufacturer/Agents
Company Profile:

Zhongshan Baoteyuan Drive Power Supply co., Ltd was founded in 2011, is the power of a R & D, production, sales and service as one of the manufacturing enterprises.
Since its establishment, focused on R & D and production of LED Power Drive (LED power supply), for the vast number of LED finished product manufacturers to provide excellent power solutions, and strive to build LED lighting industry power brands. We have advanced production equipment and engineering testing instruments, set up a new product research and development center, quality and reliability assurance department, SMT, plug-in, assembly, aging and other key sectors. In order to improve production efficiency, we implement TQM. The mature design, exquisite manufacturing, perfect service, brand recognition, so that we gradually get more and more LED drive power market share, the current source is Baote several well-known LED enterprises supporting manufacturers.
Products are the foundation of the company's development. Baote source rely on technical experience, its independent research and development, has a wealth of power series is, this kind of product positioning public, stable performance, cost-effective, comprehensive value of product quality and customer service service gets more and more customers in the power industry to establish a good reputation.
Quality is the life of enterprise brand development. Therefore, we from product development, design, materials to buy, run through every production link, no one is integrated into our pursuit of quality. Only excellent products can win the trust of our customers for a long time. In the field of foreign trade marketing, we (BTY, POWER) brand has been recognized by the majority of new and old customers. We are from new customers, become old friends, old friends to get to pet source praise, even simple affirmation, is our heart gratified, the maximum return.
Culture is the soul of enterprise development. "People-oriented" is not just a slogan, the effective combination of institutionalization and humanization, should fully respect the basic rights of every employee, including the occupation planning staff in the future at the same time, with a positive outlook on the world, to influence water source. Everyone can grow and develop Baote source.
"Professional, attentive, focused, experts, to care for staff, foreign clients, is the pet of the past, present and future source!

Zhongshan Baoteyuan Drive Power Supply Co., Ltd is located in No.17,  Huatai East Road  North, Caosan Pioneer Park,Guzhen Town. The company's main products are Drive power supply.