Zhongshan LanYan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
Company Name:Zhongshan LanYan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd.
Industry: LED Bulb
Business Type: Manufacturer/Agents
Company Profile:

Zhongshan LanYan Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in Zhongshan City, Guangdong Province in 2013. At present, the company has more than 200 employees, with an area of 10,000 square meters. Is a manufacturer of indoor business photographs. The main products are: LED bulb, spotlight, flying saucer lamp, etc. The company adheres to the production and management policy of "customer first, honesty first, quality first". It grows up with customers and provides customers with high-quality products and perfect after-sales service. It has won CE, ROHs certification, appearance and practical patents. The products are well received by customers and customers are all over the country. Provinces and regions, exported to Europe, America, the Middle East and other countries.


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