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Founded in 2008, optical code has been committed to the high-end R & D, precision manufacturing and worry free service of LED lighting and intelligent control system for ten years. Today, optical cryptography has developed into a large-scale high-tech enterprise. Just as Zuckerberg mastered the password of the community and founded the Facebook Empire, the optical password established its leading position in the field of lighting with its contact optical password solution ability. Optical password takes "either the first or the only" as the brand spirit, which is established in many fields. A few years ago, with the "LED chip light source technology", the optical code set up the "first" Monument and the "first" initiative in ancient town and even in China's lighting. With "China's first professional supplier of SMD LED lighting source", the company has achieved n firsts; the first SMD crystal lighting industry has set off a wave of light source reform. A few years later, the "intelligent driving system" is born, which makes the light code pay attention again, and the first two-color dual control lighting light source. "Intelligent drive system" is based on the brand concept of "unlock optical code and lead the trend of the times" with Amazon AWS, Tencent cloud, jd.com and optical code, and with the courage and mind of the creator, it researches, develops and manufactures the intelligent drive smart platform of tmall genie lamp cloud with cutting-edge concepts, which brings the distance between China's lighting industry and the intelligent era closer, Let lighting industry enter the mainstream of Internet of things intelligent technology. Optical password, intelligent photoelectric maker! Provides users with full scene intelligent home lighting solutions, and becomes the only open intelligent driving system in China that can be compatible with Amazon AWS, Tencent cloud, jd.com, tmall.com and other cloud intelligent platforms. As an innovator in the field of intelligent lighting drive! In the first ten years, optical password has established AP's leading position in LED lighting and intelligent control system; in the next ten years, optical password will continue to develop cutting-edge products with the spirit of the times with the belief of continuous surpassing and development, and move towards another brilliance with you.


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