Pengjiang Oukehong Lighting Factory
Company Name:Pengjiang Oukehong Lighting Factory
Industry: Emergency Light
Business Type: Manufacturer
Company Profile:

This company specialized production series of fire emergency lighting, fire evacuation indicator lights, the public security special light waterproof searchlight, portable emergency lights, emergency power supply and other products.Products with elegant, fashion, practical, generous appearance, easy installation, reasonable circuit design, long life and other characteristics, widely used in the enterprise unit, fire control system, shopping malls, hotels, entertainment places and family.At the same time pay more attention to product development and after-sales service.Having a strong technology research and development, management, production team and well-trained staff, with professional production equipment and high-precision testing instruments to ensure product quality.High-speed business put forward higher requirements on fire safety lighting, families and acquisitive electronic adapt to market demand for the development of industry, will provide high quality, strong stability of fire fighting products as the goal of enterprise development.Acquisitive electronic emphasized to meet customer requirements, to guide the future application trend as the center, with advanced fire control safety lighting technology service life.

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