Jiangmen Huimeixing Technology Lighting Co.,Ltd.
Company Name:Jiangmen Huimeixing Technology Lighting Co.,Ltd.
Industry: Outdoor Lighting
Business Type: Manufacturer
Company Profile:

Meixing Technological Lighting Co., Ltd. was established in 2007. The company specializes in the production, design and sales of outdoor lighting. The company's main products are linear lamp: used for external lighting of the wall, with the characteristics of surface lighting; Spotlight/floodlight: used for decorative lighting of column buildings and commercial space, with heavy decorative components; Spotlight: can be placed in the wall, wall skirt or kick line. It plays a leading role in the overall lighting, but also partially lighting, setting off the atmosphere. Contour lamp: It is a high-tech product specially designed for the contour of buildings. Multiple contour lamp cascades can form contour lines or lamp screen of buildings such as buildings and bridges to make the contour of buildings dazzling. LED lamp screen has large display area and clear display, and it is suitable for long-distance viewing; point light source: point light source is a new type of decorative lamp, which is mainly used for outdoor decoration such as buildings and bridges; other special-shaped customized lamp; it refers to the unconventional lamp body customized according to the needs of the project, which can point line and surface in one. It can satisfy the requirements of optical design, and also produce higher aesthetic perception in vision. It is widely used in night scene lighting, Park lighting, building lighting, bridge lighting, etc.

Corporate Idea: The company advocates the brightening concept of "environmental protection, beauty, energy saving and high efficiency", and is determined to produce the best LED products in the market, the cheapest and most stable LED products in the market, and become the most trusted manufacturers of our customers.

Professional Services: Professional mass production and sales of various LED outdoor lighting products, the product after a number of quality testing certification luminous brightness, waterproof grade as high as IP68, stable quality, complete models, can be proofed according to customer requirements.

Efficient production: Specialized production and quality control with high quality and low price "equal quality, lowest price, equal price and best quality". The price is very competitive! We strictly implement the quality management system of 5S and ISO 9001-2000. With the advantages of qualified personnel, perfect manufacturing technology, reliable production technology, fast delivery time, quality assurance and low cost at the same time.

Talent Advantage: Jiangmen Huimeixing Technological Lighting Co., Ltd. is an enterprise engaged in research and development, production and sales of LED lighting, specializing in the production of LED lighting, with a number of skilled, practical and efficient technical development team.

Customer Guarantee: Most of our products and accessories are produced by ourselves, and a large-scale industrial chain has been formed in the industry. The company has reached the "industrialization, institutionalization, standardization and procedural" enterprise, so that our customers can really enjoy the "buy at ease, use at ease".

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