Guangdong SSMM lighting technology Co. Ltd.
Company Name:Guangdong SSMM lighting technology Co. Ltd.
Industry: Emergency Light
Business Type: Manufacturer
Company Profile:

Founded in 2010, Guangdong Shengshi Mingmen Lighting Technology Co., Ltd. is committed to the development and production of high-quality fire emergency lighting and smoke alarms. The company has rich experience in the production of fire emergency lighting and smoke alarms. The registered trademarks are “Sheng Shi Ming Men”. Shengshi Electric has a modern production plant of 10,000 square meters, equipped with advanced production lines, and introduced the latest photoelectric tester, photometric tester, digital electrical parameter comprehensive tester, computer online battery tester, automatic mounter, A series of high-precision production and testing equipment such as automatic wave soldering ensure the technical content of the products. The company passed the management certification of the Fire Products Certification Center of the Ministry of Public Security. Obtained certifications such as 3C, CE, CCCF, and export product quality licenses. The products are manufactured strictly according to GB17945-2010 standard. The annual output scale is more than 5 million sets. Over the years, the company has adopted “Technology Navigation. Leading the future as the purpose, attaching importance to the exploration and cultivation of talents, conducting strict training and assessment on employees, and continuously improving the overall staff. Quality, Guangdong Shengshi Mingmen Lighting constantly develops new products, enabling enterprises to embark on the road of sustainable development.


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